Club – Weekend Pennant Duties – Rutherglen Bowling Club

Weekend Pennant – ‘Duty Rink’ Tasks


Before Play (Approx. 1 hr prior):

  • General tidy of Club House as required.
  • Put up Flag to full mast.
  • ‘Zero’ Scoreboards and ‘Print’ Names on Boards with ‘Rutherglen’ on top.
  • Place ‘Master Scoreboard’ in prominent position and zero.
  • ‘Clear’ and ‘Rake’ ditches as required.
  • Clean and wipe seats with ‘damp’ cloth.
  • Empty Rink ashtrays and Rubbish Bins where necessary.
  • Put out ‘Mats’/ Kitties/ Corner Flags/ Wind Sock and Umpire’s Equipment.

At End of Play:

  • Ensure all mats/ kitties/ Corner Flags/ Wind Sock are returned to ‘Tournament’ room.
  • Return Umpire’s equipment into Club House.
  • Lower Flag, fold and return to Club House.